Recent Updates

7/17/05 Finally filled in the Electrial page
5/31/05 Its been awhile since the last page update. I redisgned the way the links worked. I added a Before and After page that shows pictures of the actual install. I also added a Fabricated Parts showing my handy fiberglass work. I updated the Links, Software, Parts List, and Pictures pages with new info. I have a lot to say on the Electrical page but no energy to say it now so its still "Coming soon". Sorry.
3/7/05 Filled in the Fabrication page. I am still fabricating parts so stay alert for more updates.
2/24/05 Updated the look and feel of this page. Added skeleton pages to be filled in later
1/28/05 I fried my GPS with my newly constructed serial cable. Oops! You can read more about this on the components page
1/27/05 This webpage was started. Added a section on why putting a computer in your car is a good idea. Added quick and dirty photos section. Added a brief discussion on the components of the system.
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