BronCo-pilot Parts List




Screen Xenarc 700TSV (one remaining part from the CarComputer v1.0) *price adjusted to current value $400
Screen Cables Replacement video, touchscreen, and power cables (originals lost in fire) $40
Motherboard MSI K8NGM2-L $60
CPU AMD Athlon 64 3000 Socket 939 (Venice Core) $110
RAM Kingston HyperX 2x512 Mb DDR 400 $93
Hard Drive Hitachi Deskstar 250 gig 7200 SATA $85
GPS GlobalSat MR-350 $100
Power Supply PowerStream 12v DC ATX "PSTC-12300" 300 watt $200
Total Total $$ required to assemble this system from scratch-------------------> $1048
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