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 [2023/12/22]   Fixing plumbing leak by water heater, new hot water circulation pump
 [2023/06/04]   Refinishing basement bathroom
 [2022/04/24]   New Garage Door Springs
 [2021/12/30]   Expanding basement family room
 [2021/08/22]   Fixing Water Heater Boiler Zone Control Valve
 [2021/08/14]   Planting Cherry Tree by Patio, Fixing Irrigation Leak
 [2021/05/24]   Roof leak
 [2021/05/22]   Planting New Front Trees
 [2021/02/28]   New Direct Drive Garage Door Opener
 [2020/12/30]   Preparing Charlottes Room
 [2020/11/21]   Preparing Adams Room
 [2020/11/11]   Replacing Leaky Dishwasher
 [2020/11/07]   First Steps Towards Paining Great Room
 [2020/10/16]   New Back Patio
 [2020/10/08]   Home Theater Riser, Theater Seats, and Furniture
 [2020/08/19]   Underground utilities marked with flags in front yard
 [2020/03/23]   Refinishing master bedroom bay window surround
 [2020/03/20]   Finishing home theater
 [2019/12/30]   Garage Natural Gas Heater
 [2019/12/16]   Fixing leaking drain pipe in basement
 [2019/12/07]   New toilet in kids bathroom
 [2019/10/26]   New Window Surround in Elizabeth's Room
 [2019/09/28]   A look into attic above great room
 [2019/05/25]   Planting Red Maple in Back Yard
 [2019/04/27]   Removing Dead Tree in Front, Planing Heritage River Birch
 [2018/09/23]   Fixing AC
 [2018/05/28]   Planting Columnar Norway Spruces in Front of Garage
 [2018/05/28]   Planting Chinese Fringetree in Front Yard
 [2018/05/19]   Plantings Reference
 [2017/10/15]   Fan and Can Lights For Twins Room
 [2017/06/23]   New Light in Laundry Room
 [2017/03/18]   Planter Boxes
 [2017/03/04]   Replacing Shower Valve in Master Bath
 [2017/02/12]   Fixing Shingles and Taking Photos From Roof
 [2016/10/28]   Smoothing out future garden
 [2016/10/28]   Fixing kitchen sink
 [2016/09/18]   Whole House Fan
 [2016/07/24]   Stone Window Well
 [2016/07/05]   Installing 50 amp outlet in garage for oven
 [2016/07/05]   Cleaning air conditioner compressor
 [2016/02/21]   Over-House Attic
 [2016/02/20]   Plumbing Adventures
 [2015/12/12]   Move-In Walk Through
 [2015/04/21]   Initial Walk Through
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