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Best Man [Facebook]

In case you didn't know, Michael is Jonathan's brother. He was an obvious choice for the wedding party. Not only is he a groomsman, he is also the best man! Well, actually the only man... but he is still the best. Michael is Jonathan's senior by 4 years. The age difference did not stop the pair from engaging on brotherly combat starting at a young age. Tools like hippity hops and boxing gloves were always favorites. The only rule was “No tickling.” Everything else was fair game.

Over the years Michael and Jonathan always had each other to wrestle with but also to lean on. Things changed when Michael moved 400 miles away to college. Since then Michael has graduated, moved several times, and held numerous jobs before settling down in Denver, Colorado. Michael current works with a high end restaurant in the Denver area.

Even though the two boys have lived in separate states for years now, whenever they get back together it's like nothing ever changed. Perhaps nothing ever did. Michael is still Jonathan's brother and best friend and will be by his side for Jonathan's marriage to Nikki.

Fun Facts:

  • Michael and Jonathan both play World of Warcraft. Michael choose to play as alliance, the mortal enemy of Jonathan's horde character. Some things never change.
  • Michael and Jonathan are capable of carrying on sustained and intriguing converstations with each other about computer system administration. Yawn.
  • Michael is tatoo free, despite early concerns by his parents
  • Michael's strength is directly proportional to the length of his hair... he must be able to lift cars by now.


Matron of Honor [Facebook]

Nikki and Valerie have been best friends since back in 1987, when they met in Mrs. Hackert’s kindergarten class. The moment they knew they were destined for eternal friendship arose that same year at the Shriner’s circus in which Val was in attendance. Nikki (the cutest clown) had won the honor of leading the performers into the big top tent while riding upon an elephant. That strange experience pretty much sums up the next 22 years of random encounters, hysterical moments and inside jokes.

Even when they parted ways for college, grad school and work, Nikki and Val always managed to get together for the summer and it was like nothing ever changed. Even now, with 2500 miles between them the girls are inseparable and always find ways to keep in touch and stay close. Valerie has always been there for Nikki to laugh with – but also as a shoulder for her to cry on, no matter the distance between them.

Sidenote: Originally from Rockford, Valerie currently resides in California with her husband Ankit where she works as a speech and language pathologist.

Fun facts:

  • Valerie and Nikki can sing “Shoop” from beginning to end with no assistance.
  • Valerie and Nikki both keep collections of terrible photos of each other … just in case.
  • Valerie and Nikki have tried repeatedly – despite their lack of musical ability – to create and star in an all girl vocal group and/or rock band.

June 5th, 2010
Starting at 4 pm

Midway Village
6799 Guilford Road
Rockford, IL. 61107


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