Retired Webserver



This computer is a collection of parts salvaged from the trash. It's not that I am a garbage digger, but computer parts always catch my eye, even if they are buried by trash bags. The hardware is nothing new, definitely not cutting edge, but it is enough to play around with web design. Perhaps someday I will get a case for the Retired Webserver so that it is no longer sitting on my carpet.



  • Pentium 3 @ 650 MHz
  • 384 megs of PC100 RAM
  • 8x POS cd-rom
  • 8000 meg Maxtor hard drive (looks more impressive than just saying 8 gig)
  • Cheepo 350 Watt power supply (only 350 when its hit by lightning)
  • S3 Savage4 16 meg AGP video card
  • Intel PRO 10/100 ethernet card



Not much anymore now that I have a much faster computer as my server. Now this one sits in my attic until I feel like playing with light linux builds. For now its doing great collecting dust.

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