1975 Suzuki TS250 (year code M)



Okay so I will be the first to admit I didn't need another bike. That said, I had always wanted to do some light off-road riding. The little bit I had done while on the Continetal Divide trip was a blast. I even had plans of taking my Bronco off-road but I just never seemed to get around to it. Well, the Bronco was my daily driver, it was huge, and required some skill to not get it stuck. I don't have any off road riding skill so what I needed was something cheap and light. A dirt bike would be perfect. But why get a dirt only dirt bike when I can get an Enduro street legal bike that I can drive on road on my way to the off road trail?

I couldn't think of a good reason not to buy an Enduro bike. It was late fall and Craigstlist was overflowing with great bike deals. The add for the TS250 stood out because the guy had a clean title. Most other enduros were sold sans title which would be an issue for me.

I took the bike for a spin before buying it and was impressed with how lightweight it was (and how cheap it was). Being a 36 year old motorcycle meant it came with some battle scars already. This was clearly a bike I could have some fun on without worrying about a few dents or dings. Perfect!

Normally my maintenance log gets pretty extensive for any vehicle I own. This is because as I drive my vehicles if anything is not exactly as it should be, it drives me nuts. This is why I spentd so much time restoring and maintaining my current fleet of bikes. My plan with the TS250 is different. I am going to try to do the minimal necessary. I will maintain it, but not improve it. It is as it is and I intend to drive it that way. Only time will tell how long I can stick to that plan.

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