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 [2022/03/25]   tried 230 main jet
 [2022/03/03]   new cdi control module
 [2021/12/06]   replacing pulser coils
 [2021/10/16]   new aftermarket coil, checking timing
 [2021/07/06]   new piston rings, doubled up head gasket to reduce pinging
 [2020/09/15]   new battery tray, expanded exhaust
 [2019/10/11]   license plate support
 [2019/09/21]   fixing air leak with tin foil
 [2018/04/08]   carb tuning to fix lean mixture
 [2017/09/24]   gear shifter, headlight
 [2017/09/17]   replacing piston with hole in top, new 12v battery, engine temp sensor
 [2017/08/01]   upgrading to 12 volts, installing Trail Tech Voyager, and 12 volt lighting
 [2017/04/21]   new turn signals, increasing main jet size
 [2017/03/26]   rebuilding bike
 [2017/02/16]   reassembling engine
 [2017/01/30]   repairing TS250 engine
 [2016/12/16]   Powder coating tank and head light
 [2015/12/07]   pulling engine out
 [2015/05/17]   SAE battery plug for easy charging
 [2014/08/31]   troubleshooting intermittent spark
 [2014/06/21]   replacing speedometer drive in front wheel and gas cap gasket
 [2014/05/18]   replacing chain, sprockets, tires, tubes, front shoes, and powder coating parts
 [2014/04/13]   new brake light, new battery
 [2013/10/14]   rejetting for altitude
 [2013/09/25]   replacing tachometer cable and instrument lights
 [2012/09/12]   replacing throttle slide in orignal carb
 [2012/06/28]   replacing pilot jet on new carb, installing air filter
 [2012/06/06]   new battery
 [2012/04/30]   installing LED brake light
 [2012/04/22]   replace exhaust gasket
 [2012/04/22]   new Mikuni VM30 carb, mounting license plate
 [2012/04/15]   verifying oil pump operation, more troubleshooting on stuck full throttle, installing windshield
 [2012/03/15]   reparing turn signal, relocating brake light
 [2012/03/14]   installing LED turn signals, troubleshooting stuck full throttle
 [2011/12/18]   carb and cables
 [2011/11/19]   troubleshooting faulty turn signals and investigating faulty oil injector
 [2011/11/19]   replacing oil reservoir
 [2011/11/19]   just purchased
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