1975 Suzuki TS250

Maintenance Log

Details Mileage Date Description
Photos 6,276 11/05/11 Motorcycle purchased
Photos 6,300 11/11/11 Troubleshooting turn siganls, they are rusted out and need to be replaced
Photos 6,300 11/18/11 Replaced missing oil reservoir
Photos 6,300 12/18/11 Cleaned carb and adjusted float bowl level to avoid fuel overflows.
Replaced cracked fuel line and fuel overflow line.
Replaced throttle cable.
Replaced clutch cable
Replaced rubber gromet on chain guard.
Replaced oil reservoir securing band.
Photos 6,400 3/14/12 Installed 6 volt LED turn signals and turn signal relay.
Photos 6,500 4/14/12 Repaired busted LED turnsignal (I must have kicked it).
Relocated the brake light to a lower, more visible (better angle) spot.
Photos 6,500 4/14/12 Installed windshield
Verified oil pump working
Further investigation on stuck throttle issue
Lubricated drive chain.
Photos 6,500 4/22/12 Installed brand new Mikuni VM30 carb. The original VM28SH carb was no longer made. The new carb and the necessary rubber adapter flange were available form Sudco and came prejetted for a 1975 TS250.
Also mounted the license plate.
Photos 6,500 4/27/12 Installed LED 6 volt brake light
Photos 6,500 5/1/12 Replaced the old fabric like exhaust gasket with OEM gasket.
Photos 6,500 6/1/12 Installed new battery, YUASA 6N4B-2A
Photos 6,500 6/8/12 Installed K&N Air Filter (RU-1700)
Replaced carb pilot jet with #30. Too rich. #25 was too lean. Will need #27.5
Photos 6,900 9/26/13 Installed all new 6v instrument cluster bulbs. Replace tachometer cable.
Photos 6,900 10/2/13 Original VM28SH carb back on bike. Could not get VM30 working correctly. Rejetted bike for higher altitude. Stock jets are 40 for the main and 25 for the pilot.
Photos 7,300 4/13/14 Replaced broken brake light assembly.
Replaced dead battery.
Found broken teeth on front sprocket.
Photos 7,700 5/10/14 Prepped bike for off-road riding. This required more significant maintance including:
Replaced tires with Kenda K270 dual purpose tires.
Replaced tubes with Kenda TR-6 and TR-4 tubes.
Replaced rear wheel bearings.
Replaced front brake shoes.
Replaced front sprocket, rear sprocket, and chain. Front sprocket=15 tooth, rear = 40 tooth, pitch 525. Used X-ring chain.
Replaced engine left side cover gaskets
Bead blasted then powder coated or painted many parts.
Photos 7,700 (+200) 6/22/14 Replaced speedometer drive part. The speedometer was not working for about 200 miles.
Replaced gas cap gasket.
Photos 8,200 5/16/16 Replaced battery. Installed battery plug to allow easily charging battery or checking voltage.
Also did some troubleshooting on why the bike won't start. Compression is only 65 PSI.
Photos 8,200 1/30/17 Powder coated tank and headlight bucket in Ford racing blue.
Photos 8,200 1/30/17 Rebuilt engine
Photos 8,200 2/10/17 Reassembled the engine. New seals and gaskets. Replaced about half the bearings. Powder coated engine right side case. Painted top cylinder and cylinder head. New clutch cable. New spark plug (Denso W22ES). New Wiseco piston, rings, ping retaining clip, and pin bearing. Replaced 1 of 2 clutch rods.
Photos 8,200 3/20/17 Replaced battery
Replaced cracked oil tank support bracket
Powder coated rear fender
Replaced front fender with used one from junkyark, painted white
Powder coated swingarm
New swingarm bushings
Powder coated kickstand
Picked up used skidplate and powder coated it
Replaced oil tank sight glass
Installed used neutral spring and pin thingy (so I can finally get in neutral
Painted plastic oil tank cover black
Installed decals on gas tank then clearcoated it
Adjusted carb float level
New drive chain master link
Burned out exhaust, then painted it in hight heat semi gloss black
Sewed shut rips in seat
Photos 8,400 4/17/17 Replaced broken 6 volt LED turn signals with stouter but larger units. Increased main jet size from 175 to 180. This returns the bike the stock size of 180. I had previously stepped down to 175 to account for the altitude out here but after the engine rebuild, the bike was pinging at wide open throttle indicating it was running lean at the very top end. Hopefully this solves it.
Photos 8,600 5/31/17 Increased main jet size again, this time from 180 to 190. The bike continues to have very light pinging at wide open throttle, however running mid grade gas eliminates it.
Photos 8,680 8/1/17 Switched bike over to 12 volts DC. This involved changing over all lighting. New headlight, tail light, and turn signals.
Installed Trail Tech Voyager guage.
Photos 8,800 9/17/17 Blew a hole in the top of the piston, I think due to pinging and wrong heat range spark plug. Replaced piston and rings
Replaced 12 volt headlight. Original was faulty, new one is simply a replacement from the seller
Installed a used, larger 12 volt battery. It just wedges in place.
Installed a 10 mm cylinder head temp sensor for the trail tech gauge.
Photos 8,900 9/23/17 Replaced shifter that had a stripped bolt.
Installed new replacement LED headlight. Had to spin bulb around 180 degrees to put low beam LED on the bottom of the assembly.
Photos 9,000 5/01/18 Installed Mikuni VM30 carb again, rejetted to fix lean issue.
Photos 9,100 9/21/19 ** Finally actually fix air leak ** by stuffing tinfoil around the exhaust
Photos   10/11/19 Ripped off my license plate for a second time so I decided to install a metal support. It came in a kit with a tail light that fit great.
Photos 9,200 09/15/20 Made a steel battery holder and welded it to the frame.
Installed a new (smaller) 12 volt battery.
Expanded the exhaust pipe where it meets the engine to reduce air leak.
Photos 9,270 07/06/21 Replaced piston rings
Cleaned K&N air filter
Reloaced regulator/rectifier due to broken battery box
Added 2nd head gasket to reduce compression to thus reduce pinging
Photos   10/23/21 Still trying to get speed back up over 63 mph. Replaced ignition coil and wire. That didn't fix it.
Also checked timing
Photos   12/06/21 Still trying to get speed back up over 63 mph. Replaced ignition pulser coils. That didn't fix it.
Photos   03/03/22 Still trying to get speed back up over 63 mph. Replaced cdi module. That didn't fix it.
Photos   03/25/22 Still trying to get speed back up over 63 mph. Went from 210 to 230 main jet, which now limited speed to 43 MPH. I then went down to 190, but still stuck at 63 MPH.

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