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 [2023/09/24]   Camping and Kayaking at Jackson Lake
 [2023/09/12]   Off-Roading at Johnny Park Trail
 [2023/08/19]   Motorcycle Camping With Charlotte At Kelly Flats
 [2023/08/13]   Van Camping With Elizabeth
 [2023/08/04]   Telluride Motorcycle Trip
 [2023/07/29]   Off-Roading Mammoth Gultch to Kingston Peak
 [2023/07/14]   Swimming at John Martin Reservoir
 [2023/07/07]   Papa's 80th Birthday in Blackhawk CO
 [2023/07/04]   4th of July
 [2023/07/01]   Colorado Renaissance Festival
 [2023/06/09]   Camping at Seminoe State Park in WY
 [2023/06/03]   Family Fun Day at Mall
 [2023/05/24]   Fall River 5th Grade Graduation
 [2023/05/06]   Disney World and Beach Vacation
 [2023/04/28]   Camping at Curt Gowdy In WY
 [2023/04/24]   Easter
 [2023/04/23]   Off-Roading at Bunce School Road
 [2023/04/16]   Denver Auto Show
 [2023/04/07]   Elizabeth's 8th Birthday
 [2023/04/04]   Fall River Music Concerts
 [2023/03/26]   Adam Builds a Desktop Computer
 [2023/03/24]   Colorado Springs Vacation
 [2023/01/28]   Small Family Fun Day
 [2023/01/14]   Adam Robotics
 [2023/01/06]   Random
 [2023/01/01]   New Years Interviews With the Kids
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