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 [2022/11/13]   Camping at Eagle Campground Carter Lake
 [2022/10/29]   Off-Roading at Parachute Trail
 [2022/10/20]   Off-Roading at Vedauwoo
 [2022/10/16]   Las Vegas
 [2022/09/23]   Attempted Camping Trip to 11 Mile State Park
 [2022/08/27]   Camping at Lake Sterling
 [2022/08/14]   Off-Roading at Bunce School Road
 [2022/08/08]   Off-roading on 105 by Peaceful Valley Campground
 [2022/07/30]   Nikki's Birthday and Welcoming Noodle To the Family
 [2022/07/22]   Camping at Jackson Lake State Park
 [2022/07/14]   Adam and Charlotte's Color War Party
 [2022/07/11]   Adam and Charlotte's 10th Birthday
 [2022/07/04]   4th of July
 [2022/06/26]   Renaissance Fair
 [2022/06/11]   Bee's Birthday and Off-Roading
 [2022/06/03]   Camping at Glendo State Park WY
 [2022/05/12]   Galveston TX
 [2022/05/10]   VexIQ World Championship in Dallas TX
 [2022/04/16]   Camping at Crow Valley Family Campground
 [2022/04/07]   Elizabeth's 7th Birthday
 [2022/04/03]   VexIQ US Open At Council Bluffs Iowa
 [2022/03/26]   Hiking at Sullivan Gultch Trail
 [2022/02/18]   Dowdy Lake Winter RV Trip
 [2022/02/12]   Valentines Day
 [2022/01/30]   Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, Rodz and Bodz Movie Car Museum
 [2022/01/29]   The Sound of Music at Candlelight Theater
 [2022/01/29]   Adam's Robotics Tournaments
 [2022/01/01]   New Years Interviews with Kids
 [2020/08/26]   Random
 [2020/08/15]   Denver Zoo
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