1998 Ford Contour SVT


As of late January 2006 the Contour is no more. It was in a shop having some work done when the shop burnt down. My beloved Contour burnt down with it. Here are some pictures of what remains of the car. (photos)



When I turned 16 I had a manual Mazda 626 to drive thanks to a generous brother of mine :) Although the prospect of learning to drive on my own was scary, it thought of doing it in a manual was petrifying. I can still remember driving up and down my street, constantly killing the car while trying to grasp the super-human coordination needed to operate the pedals and shifter at the same time.

After a while though it became second nature. Not only that but it just felt wrong to drive an automatic. When it came time to look for a car for myself, it was a requirement that it be a manual. The fact that manuals typically cost less was the excuse I gave my parents, but really I wanted one for the connection you feel to the car when you drive a manual.

My mother and father had vastly different ideas about what a good car would be for me. My mother thought that a new, low power, reliable car, like a Camry would be perfect. My father thought I was right on when I suggested a 69 Chevelle SS. Somewhere in the middle we found the Contour SVT. I loved it at first sight. My mother on the other hand thought it was a "pink blimp mobile". In case your are curious that is a euphamism for pimp. Perhaps we did share the same viewpoint after all, except that to me that trait was a positive.


Check out all the photos here

Work Done To Date

  • K&N air filter
  • Straight air intake pipe
  • Installed a new car stereo (learn more)
  • Installed a PC with touchscreen (learn more)

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