1981 Yamaha XS 650

Maintenance Log

Details Mileage Date Description
  19,559 6/29/2001 650 Purchased
  19,600 6/29/2001 replaced drive chain with DID 530 STDX104
    7/8/2001 installed Piaa H4 55/60 superwhite headlight
  19,700 7/10/2001 replaced front tire with Dunlop 4120-25
    7/15/2001 I passed Illinois motorcycle safety training course. I already had my motorcycle license.
  19,800 7/26/2001 replaced alternator brushes
  19,800 7/31/2001 replaced turn signal lens and one rear view mirror
  19,900 8/15/2001 cleaned carbs - fixed engine hesitation
  19,900 8/15/2001 purchased motorcycle cover
    1/25/2003 replaced pistons, rings, clips, cam chain. Had valves machined. Had top end bead blasted.
    2/24/2003 replaced all engine oil seals and gaskets, replaced clutch plates
    5/6/2003 replaced starter gear
    7/7/2003 replaced turn signal, crank case covers, speedometer cable
    8/13/2003 replaced air filter, gas cap rubber seal, carb mixture screws
    9/23/2003 rebuilt carbs
  25,000 3/24/2004 replaced engine gaskets, cam shaft bushing, installed Boyer digital ignition
Photos 25,000 5/11/2009 Took bike out of storage after 5 years of not running. Check out the photos for the entire story
Photos 25,000 5/15/2009 Stripped down the engine to try to figure out what is stopping it from turning over. Presumably something in the bottom end
Photos 25,000 2/21/2010 Started putting engine back together, determined gear selector was faulty so replaced it
Photos 25,000 3/5/2010 Replaced clutch washer that was preventing engine from turning over
Photos 25,000 3/5/2010 Continued reassembling the engine.
Adjusted valves and cam chain tension.
Photos 25,000 3/5/2010 Replace front brake rotor and pads.
Replaced front brake master cylinder.
Replaced rubber brake lines with stainless steel
Photos 25,000 3/12/2010 Replaced rear brake drum shoes and springs
Photos 25,000 3/12/2010 Replaced battery. Installed AGM sealed battery
Photos 25,000 3/12/2010 Replaced all sorts of miscellaneous items including rear tire
See all "getting it running" photos 25,000 3/12/2010 - 3/21/2010 Installed engine back into bike
Added engine oil, 10w-40
Fixed loose tachometer face plate
Cleaned and rebuilt carbs
Set Boyer ignition timing
Installed new tank badges
Cleaned up engine covers, sanded and polished to mirror finish (well, pretty close to mirror)
Wrapped all electrical wires in wire loom, old loom was cut off when installing Boyer
Diagnosed faulty ground issue with my prior installation of Boyer Ignition system
New spark plugs
New fuel line and fuel filter
Replaced bent carb choke pull
New gas tank rubber mounts
Set carb float level
Fitted new pod air filters
Installed 2 new front turn signals, old ones broke off previously
Installed new gel handlebar grips
See all "getting it running" photos 25,000 3/12/2010 - 3/21/2010 Correctly set ignition timing
Replaced drive chain
Replaced leaky petcock with a manual (non vacuum) type. Replacement is a cheap piece of junk, will probably send it back for refund.
Photos 25,000 5/8/2010 Replaced side view mirrors
Photos 25,000 7/25/2010 Rejetted carbs
Photos 25,000 8/5/2010 Installed new EZ pull clutch cable
Photos 25,000 8/6/2010 Plug carb boot seal
Photos 25,000 8/21/2010 Replaced clutch springs.
Correctly adjusted clutch free play at lever and LH case adjusting nut to remove clutch drag.
Got refund for a crap-tastic AGM battery that was already bad after 5 months (of extremely light use).
Photos 25,000 8/21/2010 Clearcoated engine case
Photos 25,000 8/15/2010 Returned nearly new AGM battery as it would no longer hold a charge. Replaced with AGM battery of different brand.
Photos 25,000 10/1/2010 Continued trying to fix sticking clutch. Replaced clutch thrust washer and all clutch plates. Also found that clutch screws purchased from mikes xs were too long and had gouged clutch basket (very lame)
Photos 25,000 4/20/2011 Reassembled motor with new top end consisting of - new valves, ground valve seats, new valve seals, new rocker arms, new pistongs and rings, bored cylinders 3 over. It was all bead blasted and painted gloss black. I didn't care for the matte black look any longer. All the parts, gaskets included, are OEM Yamaha parts.
Also replaced the battery, again :(
Installed new brake light lense to replace a cracked one.
Installed new pressure side oil filter and oil filter cooler.
Cleaned and repaired suction side oil screen.
Photos 25,000 5/22/2011 Installed new ignition coil (from a GM car) along with new spark plug wires.
Installed new carb boots from
Adjusted carb float bowl level.
Synchronized carbs.
Took bike for a 10 mile ride!! Finally!
Photos 25,100 5/27/2011 More securely mounted new coil
Photos 25,200 6/16/2011 Checked charging system, several components failed test
Photos 25,200 7/14/2011 Fixed some rattling on accessory parts
Fitted engine case guards
Fitted center exhaust cross over clamp
Fitted historic license plate!
Photos 25,200 7/14/2011 Installed Sparx permanant magnet alternator with new regulator / rectifier
Photos 25,300 8/13/2011 Installed K&N pod air filters. This cured breakup at 4k rpm.
Adjusted drive chain free play.
Adjusted front brake lever free play.
Adjusted rear brake free play
Photos 25,500 8/27/2011 Polished the valve covers to a shine.
Also used rubbing compound on tank and side covers with less success.
Installed battery tender lead.
Cleared blocked gas cap air vent which prevent gas from flowing into carbs.
Photos 25,700 9/18/2011 Installed new battery, tach light, nuetral pickup switch, and side cover rubber grommets.
Photos 25,900 10/23/2011 Installed clubman handlebars.
Replaced rear brake light switch.
Lubricated throttle cable.
Installed new rubber on left side driver footpeg
Photos 25,900 11/10/2011 Test fit of an XS750 standard gas tank for a cafe racer'ish look.
Photos 25,900 1/10/2012 Mounted XS750 gas tank.
Fabricated seat base to lay fiber glass over.
Created possible fiberglass seat profiles to see which shape I liked the most.
  25,900 3/25/2012 Lubricated swing arm bushings and rear brake pedal.
Photos 25,900 4/14/2012 Installed new short control cables that work with new handlebars. Also installed new clutch level.
Photos 25,900 4/14/2012 Started making fiberglass seat pan
Photos 25,900 6/14/2012 Picked up seat pad made by New Image Uphosterly in York PA
Started making fiberglass side covers
Powercoated and mounted petcock adapters
Design seat mounts and powercoated metal parts
Photos 25,900 7/14/2014 Finally unpacked the tank, seat, and side panels. Finished sanded and buffed them.
Photos 25,900 7/30/2014 Mounted seat and side panels.
Installed new cat's eye LED brake light
Installed bar-end rear view mirrors
Installed custom fabricated carburettor supports to fix a fuel leak at the T. I have no idea where the original carb support went.
Removed pieces that are no longer needed as a means to save weight; horn, passenger pegs, chain guard
Put 50 miles on the bike, its running great!
Photos 27,500 5/15/2016 Engine oil and filter change, used Pennzoil 10w30.
Replaced both oil drain plug gaskets.
Replaced starter gear housing.
Photos   09/01/2016 Installed a new set of bar end mirrors after the mirror fell out of the right side of my last set.
Photos 28,400 09/09/2016 Tightened cam chain and switched the base nut back around, I had it on backwards before allowing some oil to leak. I also tightened the drive chain and replaced the fuel filter and fuel line.
Photos 29,150 04/17/2017 Replace battery. Installed Yusa YB14L-A2 (M2214Y) battery.
Photos 30,000 07/20/2017 Replacing many seals to completely eliminate a small oil leak; shift shaft seal, transmission output shaft seal, starter motor seal, clutch pushrod seal, and kickstarter seal.
Installed new output transmission output shaft collar.
Replaced clutch basket with another used one after I broke the original when tightening the nut down.
Changed engine oil and filter.
Replaced oil sight glass.
Replaced 3 part clutch pushrod with one piece unit from MikesXS. Also installed new clutch pushrod bushing.
Powder coated engine cases and cam adjustment covers. Some parts were polished and others were bead blasted. All of them got a high gloss clear powder coat.
Attempted to extract broken bolt from cam chain adjuster. Failed miserably.
Photos 30,300 07/20/2019 Bike was burning oil. Replaced valve steam seals but unfortunately burning oil continues.

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