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 [2019/06/23]   new valve stem seals, new exhaust gaskets
 [2018/08/18]   fixing oil leak, cleaning carb, clearcoating engine cases
 [2017/04/21]   new battery 2017, speed nuts for seat bolts
 [2016/09/11]   adjusting cam and drive chain tension, new fuel filter
 [2016/08/08]   replacing side view mirrors, again
 [2016/06/09]   2016 oil change, start motor gasket, drain plugs
 [2014/08/31]   whoke bike photos
 [2014/08/03]   mounting seat and reducing weight
 [2014/07/21]   installing petcock and adapters, installing tank
 [2014/07/21]   cleaning oil filter and new gasket
 [2014/07/12]   finishing sanding and buffing painted parts
 [2013/01/13]   painting fiberglass seat and side panels, and tank
 [2012/09/13]   mounting fiberglass seat and side panels
 [2012/08/12]   stripping paint from tank and bondo repair
 [2012/05/05]   seat pad test fit, mounting seat, patching seat pan, fiberglassing side panels, mounting fuel petcock adapters
 [2012/04/15]   new short clutch cable and throttle cable, new clutch lever
 [2012/04/15]   fiberglassing seat
 [2012/03/14]   mounted xs750 tank, seat profile tests
 [2012/01/04]   test fit of xs750 tank and no seat
 [2011/11/19]   test fit of xs750 standard gas tank
 [2011/10/23]   clubman handlebars and rear brake switch
 [2011/09/18]   battery, neutral switch, side cover rubber, tach light
 [2011/08/29]   polishing valve covers, installing battery charger lead, whole bike photos
 [2011/08/12]   k and n air filter
 [2011/07/14]   sparx alternator
 [2011/07/14]   engine guards, historic plate, de-rattling
 [2011/06/14]   testing charging system
 [2011/06/14]   creating mount for gm coil
 [2011/05/22]   new carb boots, ignition coil, wires, and finally running after rebuild
 [2011/04/28]   assembling new top end
 [2011/01/03]   Rebuilding Top End
 [2010/10/03]   valve job
 [2010/10/01]   replaced clutch thrust washer, clutch plates, and changed oil
 [2010/10/01]   new battery
 [2010/08/21]   replaced clutch springs
 [2010/08/21]   clearcoating engine case
 [2010/08/20]   clutch operation
 [2010/08/06]   plugging carb boot leak
 [2010/08/02]   new EZ pull clutch cable
 [2010/07/25]   rejetting carbs
 [2010/05/08]   side view mirrors
 [2010/04/30]   troubleshooting rough engine
 [2010/04/25]   colortune
 [2010/03/21]   getting it running part 9: carbs and fuel
 [2010/03/11]   getting it running part 8: misc
 [2010/03/11]   getting it running part 7: battery and ignition
 [2010/03/11]   getting it running part 6: rear brake and tire
 [2010/03/11]   getting it running part 5: front brake
 [2010/03/11]   getting it running part 10: making it shine
 [2010/02/21]   getting it running part 3: clutch
 [2010/02/21]   getting it running part 2: gear selector
 [2010/02/13]   getting it running part 4: engine reassembly
 [2010/02/13]   getting it running part 1: engine teardown
 [2009/05/11]   out of storage after 4 years
 [2004/08/09]   rebuild1
 [2004/08/09]   melted_ignition
 [2004/04/28]   electrical_boyer
 [2003/09/18]   misc
 [2003/09/18]   general
 [2002/04/30]   newly purchased, prior to any rebuilds
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