1992 Ford E150 Econoline



I needed cheap transportation to get me to work for those times when riding a motorcycle was not possible. That is not all that often. Additionally, if I know in advance that my wife will not need a car I can take her Edge and leave this new vehicle for her to use in case of emergency. So what ever vehicle I bought was going to see low usage. Not only that, I had just purchased a 1974 Saab Sonett project car so I didn't feel I needed anything sporty or a car with a manual transmission.


These two facts combined meant that I could get just about anything for my occasional drive to work. We already have a 2 door sports car (Sonett) and a responsible 4 door SUV (Edge), not to mention a bunch of motorcycles. I needed a vehicle that would serve a purpose not fufilled by any other vehicle we already owned, otherwise, what is the point in buying it.


After much deliberation, my wife and I decided on getting a conversion van. We both liked them, and we are certain the kids will like them too as they get a little older. The vans are big fun wagons and we were both excited at the thought of owning such a rediculous automobile. Naturally I looked for one that was over 20 years old so I could register as historic and skip the state inspection.


There on was a shining beacon of automotive hope, a glimpse into the world of old school conversion vans, a 1992 Ford E150. It was white (of course) with some red two tone paint and a crazy teal interior. That alone made it a requirement that we go see this vehicle. The van was located at a dealership in Leesburg VA. This ended up being more or less on our way as we traveled back to Maryland after Christmas.

The dealership was tiny, and riddled with smaller two seaters. This van stuck out like a sore thumb. The salesman even said he got the van as part of a package deal and that he was just looking to unload it.

I took it for a test drive and knew it was the one. Sure, it has its share of problems, perhaps more than its share, but it was reliable enough to drive around town without any worries.


Just take a look at the photos and you will know why we just had to have the van.

Fun Facts and Accessories

  • Its all about wood, whether it is the fake wood stickers on the dash or real wood cup holders and drawers
  • Every seat, litterally all 7, have access to at least 1 cup holder
  • Most seats also have access to a 12 volt outlet also
  • Whether by design or by sun fading, there are now 3 shades of teal through the interior, AWESOME, more teal!
  • There is a old school bottle opener permanantly attached to the rear door, clearly a tailgate vehicle in a previous life
  • The rear seat folds down to a bed. not a small car type bed, a huge bed. They litterlly added a second back section to the rear of the seat so that the bed would be made of three sections, not two.


Vital Stats

1992 Ford E150
Conversion Van by the Explorer Van Company out of Indiana
Power locks
Power windows
Leather seats
Power captains char
AM/FM Tape player with 6 disc CD changer
Separate stereo for the rear passengers
TV and VCR in back
Solar panel RV charging system (not sure if it works)
5.8L Ford Windsor V8 engine

Work Done To Date


  • All pictures are here


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