1977 GMC Motorhome (Palm Beach)

Maintenance Log

Details Mileage Date Description
  139,987 10/05/06 Replaced air filter. Adjusted carb.
  140,089 04/14/10 Engine oil (20w50) and filter.
Replaced motor v-belts (7450, 7570, and 7603)
Engine coolant flush
Flushed transmission fluid (12 quarts)
Replaced motor battery (Interstate MT-78)
Replaced wiper blades (653-200).
  140,119 04/06/12 Engine oil and filter change.
New engine battery (Interstate MT-78)
Replaced air line fittings, presumably the local bypass valves were installed at this time.
Replaced generator oil filter and oil (30HD)
  140,165 06/04/12 Replaced house battery, Interstate SRM-4D, replaced circuit breaker SDLA60
  140,401 09/16/14 Engine oil and filter change.
Replaced brake light switch.
Replaced hazard relay
Installed new house battery (Interstate SRM-4D)
Replaced exhaust pipe gasket
Installed remanufactured alternator (standard capacity)
  140,429 03/16/16 Engine oil and filter change. Replaced fuel vapor line. Replaced engine battery (Napa Legend 7578). Bled brake fluid.
  140,473 04/12/16 Replaced all 4 rear wheel brake cylinders, brake fluid, brake shoes. Repacked rear wheel bearings. Installed steering damper.
  140,516 02/06/19 Changed engine oil (15w40) filter (R85258). Installed fog lamps. Serviced generator: clean battery cables and add water to battery
  140,581 07/29/19 Replaced house battery, Interstate SRM-4D
  140,581 08/07/19 Replaced left air bag line
Photos 140,606 08/19/19 Sale photos from prior owner
Photos     Documenting tire size, BFGoodrich Commercial LT225/75R16 LRE M+S (Mud and Snow), Load Range E, Max Load 2680 Lbs at 80 PSI
Photos 140,606
Onan: 225 hrs
08/19/19 Just purchased
Photos   08/24/19 Photos of the engine including original motorhome options list. Broken bathroom vent fan
Photos   08/24/19 Troubleshooting air compressor. Found lose power wire and air line with hole in it. Fixed. Compressor still won't make more than 85 PSI however.
Photos 141,900 08/31/19 Replaced exhaust gaskets. Initially used Fel-pro fiber gasket but immediately switched to reusable stacked aluminum gaskets.
Installed Proform locking bolts on exhaust manifolds.
Replaced intermediate exhaust gasket.
Installed new spark plugs, Autolite copper core, 847.
Performed compression test, all cylinders 105 to 120 PSI.
Photos 141,900 08/31/19 Cleaned rust from stainless steel oven top. Apparently, the stamping process left surface impurities. Cleaned up well with wire brush, maybe a little too shiny
Photos 141,900 09/07/19 Test water system. Found crack in main water tank and hole in water line. Also, city water connections all leak. Ugh.
Photos   10/06/19 The waste tank had a slow leak where the drain valve was not sealing. Replaced the drain valve.
Replaced the waste tank sender unit
Installed new handle on drain valve.
Photos   10/13/19 Installed new windshield wiper arms and wipers. Tried to fix lights on speedometer but no luck.
Photos   11/09/19 Removed cracked fresh water tank. Installed new sender. Replaced the drain valves for water pump and water tank.
Photos   11/09/19 Replaced guts of water and waste tank gauges in cluster.
Photos 142,356 01/09/20 Hit by a Subaru who was at fault. Damage to right hand side of the RV
Photos   04/20/20 Changed engine oil (Castrol SAE 10W-40) and filter (Wix 51258).
Replaced cracked coolant reservoir
Found split vacuum line and patched it.
Checked transmission oil level
Photos 142,600 05/14/20 Replaced kitchen faucet. Replaced leaky water heater pressure/temperature relief valve. Fixed water heater relief valve outlet so water exits RV
Photos 142,900 06/13/20 Replaced both radiator hoses and all coolant lines, including back to water heater.
Installed copper pipe in place of coolant lines run on exterior.
Installed valves allowing coolant flow to be blocked to and from water heater
Replaced thermostat, installed 180 degree Robert Shaw high flow thermostat
Cleaned up and powder coated thermostat housing
Refilled coolant.
Engine oil and filter change
Photos 142,900 06/16/20 Replaced broken cover on rear vent fan. Also cleaned and lubed fan motor.
Photos   07/06/20 Lots of misc maintenance.
Installed quarter turn thumb latches on electrical and water doors. This eliminates 2 keys from my keychain.
Got a deep trailer hitch receiver that is deep enough to allow the pin to go through.
Lubricated the 4 bogie pins, 2 on each side. Some of the old hard rubber seals came out :(
Attached front sliding window latches with stainless steel fasteners and rubber seals.
Reattached the white interior rubber moulding to the rear side windows.
Hung a fruit net above sink
Reattached a couple of cabinet facing slats
Photos 143,200 07/19/20 Replaced leaking engine water pump.
Photos 143,200 07/20/20 Installed ceramic coated Doug's Headers (Thorley Headers).
Photos 143,300 08/02/20 Replaced the fresh water pump. Installed a Flow Max DS-01233-D. It works great.
Also tightened up thew new V-belts I installed recently.
Photos   08/14/20 "Burped" the fridge by turning it upside down then back. This cleared an air bubble, allowing the fridge section to get cold again.
Also remade the fridge mounting compartment per the manufactuers specs to improve airflow over the coils. That should improve cooling performance
Photos   08/15/20 Removed the very short waste tank drain hose holder and replaced it with a much longer holder and hose.
Photos Onan: 233 hrs 08/16/20 Changed engine oil (Orielly SAE 30) and oil filter (Fram PH2870A).
Fashioned new air block for around the oil filter, OEM block was missing
Replaced spark plugs (Champion H10C) gapped to 0.020"
Checked points, they look nearly new
Verified governer arm moved smoothly, no need to lubricate
Verified output voltage was 199.4 VAC, no need to adjust
Verified motor mounts still look good, no sign of collapse.
Cleaned and reinstalled original air filter. I have ordered a K&N RU-2575 air filter which I should be able to make fit
I didn't touch the fuel filter, the fuel line from the pump to the carb looks awful, but its not leaking. Also I don't have new fuel filter gasket. I should service the fuel system next season.
Photos   08/28/20 Replaced old school voltage converter which takes in AC and produces DC. Installed Progressive Dynamics PD9270.
Replaced busted 50 amp plug. Installed straight plug, Eaton 5745N
Installed a couple AC outlets with built in USB charging ports, Leviton T5633 in brown
Checked house battery fluid level
Photos   11/08/20 Purchased used 1975 Oldsmobile 455 motor and good hydromatic transmission. Eventually I will rebuild the motor and replace my current 403.
Photos 145,100 12/13/20 Replaced cracked windshield washer tank, siezed washer pump, and broken washer dash switch.
Replaced all windshield washer tubing
Replaced radiator cap. Specs call for 9 PSI, I installed 7 PSI, last one was 16 PSI!
Installed waste tank 12 VDC heating pad, Facon CW-T1218
Installed bolt on front of engine access door to pull down for a better seal.
Photos   12/24/20 Adding the optional heating element to the ceiling A/C unit.
Replaced a clogged and crappy drain fitting on the weater heater.
Photos   12/27/20 Finally found and fixed the source of that damned exhaust noise. The gasket on the choke stove pipe had blown out.
Also adjusted the choke so the RV starts up MUCH easier.
I replaced the vacuum line to the HVAC vacuum reservoir so I can kind of control the dash vents again.
Lastly I installed the cheapest in-stock vacuum gauge available and confirmed I have no more vacuum leaks
Photos   05/14/21 Replaced all roof fans. Installed Maxxair Maxxfan Plus 4002k in the back, Maxxair Faxfan Deluxe 5100k up front, and a Ventline V6B VP543 vent fan in the bathroom.
Also installed quarter turn ball valve drain on water heater
Photos 147,400 08/29/21 Fixed a sagging dinette seat back which would no longer fold down into a bed.
Photos 147,400 09/19/21 Replaced leaking water heater with new 6 gallon stainless steel tank
Replaced water heater thermostate
Replaced water heater 120 VAC heating element
Replaced most polybutylene water lines with pex
Installed outdoor shower head
Replaced indoor shower head with one that doesn't leak
Photos   02/06/22 Did some investigation on why I only get cold air out the motor HVAC system. I can now get heat.
Photos   05/29/22 Installed Victron BMV-712 battery monitor, marine battery disconnect switch, and 2/0 gauge cables to house battery.
Also measured wattage of various house electrical devices
Lastly, replaced interior lights with LEDs from, 2x 67-NW12-G bulbs for floor, 18x 1156-WW18-T for all other bulbs.
Photos 148,600 07/21/22 Changed engine oil and filter, Royal Purple 15w-40, Wix 51258
Replaced generator air filter with K&N RU-2575 modified to fit
Found generator oil leak at drain plug, also tightened up oil pan bolts, found one that was already broken and failed to extract it.
Photos   09/24/22 Alternator failed, produced 16 voltes, start smoking.
Replaced alternator with another 80 amp unit
Replaced spark plug wires to onan generator
Replaced rusty 5 amp fuse to Onan control panel.
Photos   9/26/22 Replaced original air suspension air compressor. Wouldn't go over 80 PSI. New compressor is a Viair 450C (150 PSI, 3.28 CFM @ 100% duty cycle). It fills up the air bags from empty in one minute!
Also added a PSI gauge and a industrial air fitting so I can fill tires, balls, water toys, etc.
Photos   10/01/22 Prepped the Manny 1 ton front end for installation - degreased, minor welding, and painted with POR-15
Photos   01/08/23 Intalled Manny 1 ton front end kit and some other goodies:
Refurbished upper and lower control arms with new bushings and new ball joints
New knuckles with new sealed bearks
Larger brakes: new rotors, calipers, and pads
New front flexible brake lines
New axles with new CV boots
New inner and outer steering tie rods
3.5" wheel spacers
Adjusted ride height and toe-in
149,800 04/23/23 Alignement and tire rotation

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