2004 Land Rover Discovery HSE

Maintenance Log

Details Mileage Date Description
Photos 118,600 11/28/2018 Vehicle purchased
Photos 119,600 1/2/2019 Replaced battery. Installed Super Start Premium 34PRMJ
Photos 120,300 1/29/2019 Fixed fuel door clip and replaced broken sun visor clip
Photos 120,900 2/9/2019 Replaced left rear door switch mechanism to fix the interior lighting not working due to car always thinking the door was open.
Photos 120,900 2/9/2019 Installed side steps
Photos 120,900 2/10/2019 Changed engine oil and filter. Castrol Edge 5w-40 synthetic and WIX 51068
Photos   5/4/2019 Replaced noisy exhaust air pump with a good used unit.
  126,500 8/24/2019 Changed engine oil and filter. Castrol Edge 5w-40 synthetic and WIX 51068. Topped off engine coolant, Prestone dexcool.
Photos 127,000 9/14/2019 Installed Joying Android head unit. Installed backup camera
Photos 127,000 9/14/2019 Replaced all 4 oxygen sensors to clear P0130 and P0171 codes. Worked temporarily, but got a new code shortly after.
Secured cracked dash gauge cluster
Replaced broken fuel door clip
Photos   10/04/2019 Replaced intake manifold heater that was leaking coolant on left front O2 sensor. Replaced sensor.
Installed flush mount USB and 3.5mm aux input audio jack.
Fixed overhead DVD player that would not accept DVDs.
Photos 130,200 01/06/2020 Fixed leaking fuel line. It was leaking right behind the intake manifold, near where the fuel line connects to the fuel rail
Photos 132,400 03/14/2020 Replaced bad water pump. The old pump was wobbly but never stopped pumping water, thankfully.
Photos 134,600 07/16/2020 Replaced battery. The prior one stopped holding a charge while still under the warranty period. Installed Super Start Premium, 34PRMJ.
Photos   08/01/2020 Bought an adapter to get the factory steering wheel controls to work with an aftermarket headunit. Turns out I didn't need it, I got them working without the adapter.
  137,500 01/05/2021 Changed engine oil and filter. Castrol Edge 5w-40 synthetic and K&N HP-2004 filter.
Photos   02/07/2021 Sanded, buffed, and clear coated head lights
    03/02/2021 Replaced K&N oil filter with a Wix unit. The Disco started leaking oil. I thought it was due to the K&N since I never used that type before. Unfortunately that was not the problem.
Photos 139,300 04/04/2021 Replaced the leather boots on the parking brake lever and the transfer case lever. Topped off brake fluid.
Photos 140,000 05/08/2021 Replaced front crank seal and the oil pan gasket
Photos   06/09/2021 Replaced front prop shaft due to bad u-joint and subsequent wear.
Drained and refilled front and rear differentials
Drained and refilled center diff
Replaced all brake rotors and pads
Flushed brake fluid (minus ABS system) and filled with DOT4
Replaced rear-right axle shaft seal to address some signs of leaking
Replaced intermittent rear O2 sensor
  147,700 01/05/2022 Replaced engine oil and filter, Castrol Edge 5W-40, Wix 51068. I missed recording the last oil change some how.
Photos   02/23/2022 Installed LED headlights, H7-HLV5 from, similar to what use on the van. Very happy with them.
Installed new rear windshield wiper, Motorcraft WW-1401-PF AU2Z-17V528-MA (14 inch).
Photos   05/21/2022 Diagnosed and fixed why the rear drives side door was so hard to open, a loose screw.
  151,700 06/18/2022 Changed engine oil and filter; Wix 51068 and Castrol Edge 5w-40 synthetic
Photos 152,400 08/02/2022 Proactively replaced thermostat, replaced about half the coolant
Photos 154,000 10/02/2022 Eliminated rough running engine with an extensive tune up
New ignition coil
Replaced broken electrical connector to one coil, the likely cause of rough running
New plugs (Bosh 9652)
New wires
Cleaned and rebuilt fuel injectors
Replaced leaky left valve cover gasket, didn't take the time to the right side
Fixed coolant leak on stupid throttle body heater plate (again)
New upper intake manifold gasket
Performed compression test, cylinders 3 and 5 are low but okay, perhaps just fault of gauge.
After all this maintenance, engine is running smoothly again
Photos   10/20/2022 Replaced ignition key tumbler. Original one wouldn't turn to start.
Also got new case for my key fob
Replaced all four oxygen sensors
Built shields to keep oil and coolant from hitting outside of rear o2 sensors
Photos   10/20/2022 Replaced cracked plastic coolant tee with aluminum unit
Radiator expansion line to coolant reservoir broke off due to over pressure, replaced with hose barb fitting
Replaced faulty radiator cap that was not releasing on over pressure
Photos 156,700 01/21/2023 Replaced battery. Old one seemed to freeze in negative temperatures. Installed Optima red top 25
Photos 157,200 01/28/2023 Finally found and fixed the coolant leak that was taking out the front oxygen sensors.
Leak was from the o-rings on the lower intake manifold coolant pipes.
Also replaced front drive's side oxygen sensor, lower intake manifold gasket, fuel rail fuel line connector (was also seeping), and the passenger side valve cover gasket.
Photos 157,313 03/06/2023 Pictures of the Discovery as it is listed for sale

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