2008 Ford Edge Limited

Maintenance Log

Details Mileage Date Description
  41,600 07/07/2012 DEALER: Clean battery terminals
Replaced head unit
Oil change
Photos 48,360 12/15/2012 Jiffy Lube changed engine oil (Penzoil high mileage blend) and oil filter.
Later, codes P0171 and P0174 (Bank 1 and 2 too lean) popped up so I cleaned the MAF Sensor,replaced the air filter with a K&N filter (33-2395), and reset the code.
Changed front windshield wipers for Trico Teflon Shield wpiers, (20-200 and 20-260)
  51,160 01/13/2013 DEALER: Diagnosed a new check engine light P0171, fixed by reattaching unplugged vent hose.
Replaced right rear wheel bearing and hub assembly according to TSB 12-8-10 (superseeds TSB 10-2-9). This addressed terrible noise from rear end.
Photos 51,700 02/01/2013 Replaced burned out left rear turn signal
Photos 52,400 03/03/2013 Oil change, Mobil 5W20 fully synthetic, Fram PH3600 oil filter
  54,000 07/16/2013 Replaced Pirelli Scorpion tires with Goodyear Eagle RA-A P245/50R20.
Wheel balance.
Wheel alignment.
  55,200 07/22/2013 Replaced battery.
  57,000 10/27/2013 Changed engine oil and filter.
Photos 59,700 01/11/2014 Replaced front and rear brake pads.
Replaced both rear brake rotors.
  67,000 10/04/2014 Changed engine oil and filter. Mobil full synthetic 5w-20, Microguard MGL3600. I think there was another oil change between this one and the last recorded one but I didn't write it down.
Photos 71,300 03/21/2015 Changed engine oil and filter. Castrol Edge 5w-20 full synthetic, WIX 51516.
Photos 77,000 09/02/2015 Replaced worn left front wheel bearing. It sounded awfull at 60 mph.
This caused me to also replace the lower control arm to change out the worn ball joint
The outer steering tie rod end I ruined while disconnecting it from the wheel khuckle
The wheel knuckle which had the out bearing race stuck in it
The wheel hub which was easier to replace then removing the old stuck inner bearing race
Also replaced left CV axle as the boot was leaking. This caused me to change the transmission fluid since it all comes out when you pull the axle.
Photos 79,165 03/12/2016 Changed engine oil and filter. Castrol Edge 5w-20 full synthetic, WIX 51516.
Photos 83,000 08/28/2016 Someone hit the back left bumper while pulling into a parking spot.
Photos 83,700 09/19/2016 Changed engine oil and filter. Mobil 5W-20 full synthetic, WIX 51516. Replaced drivers interior door handle.
Photos   03/20/2017 Replaced lifegate latch in the hopes that it would cure the issue where the power liftgate would close, not latch, then go back up. It did not fix the problem.
Photos 89,300 06/17/2017 Replaced the cabin air filter.
Removed a blockage from the AC condenser drain pipe that was allowing water to pool and enter the blower motor housing.
Photos 89,900 06/29/2017 Replaced warped front brake rotors
Photos 96,900 03/18/2018 Replaced battery. Changed engine oil and filter. I missed recording the last oil change.
Photos 99,000 05/05/2018 Replaced both rear wheel hubs to address some terrible bearing noise.
  104,150 11/18/2018 Oil change. Mobil 1 sythentic 5w-20 and Wix 51516
Photos 104,254 11/21/2018 Engine broke down. Water pump dumped coolant into engine oil and timing chain broke
Photos 104,254 11/21/2018 Car put up for sale.

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