1980 Yamaha XS 1100

Maintenance Log

Details Mileage Date Description
  18,000 8/23/2003 Motorcycle purchased
  21,800 3/12/2006 Maintenance log started
Photos 21,800 3/12/2006 New front tire
Photos 21,800 3/12/2006 4 new carb boots


Replaced oil and oil filter (10w40 synthetic blend)
  23,000 6/12/2006 Patched hole in rear tire
Photos 23,900 8/23/2006 New gel battery
Photos 24,400 6/1/2007 Annual maintenance -
new valve shims,
changed engine oil. trans fluid, final drive fluid,
lubed control cables,
rebuilt front calipers and front master cylinder,
drained / filled / bled front brake system,
replaced front wheel bearings,
adjusted brake lever / pedal / clutch lever free play,
lubed rear brake pedal,
lubed centerstand pivots,
tightened exhaust bolts,
tightened cylinder head bolts,
new spark plugs,
new head gasket and cam chain tensioner gasket (seals weeped due to sythetic oil front last change),
new oil filter,
cleaned / regreased spedometer pickup at wheel
added engine guards and highway pegs
  26,000 4/18/2008 replaced oil with conventional 10w40 (synthetic was seaping out gaskets)
Photos 26,800 8/15/2008 Added power outlet (cigarette lighter)
Photos 27,100 8/30/2008

Replaced cam chain,
replaced oil drain plug washer,
replaced rear rotor with EBC Pro-Lite MD2024 rotor,
replaced rear brake pads with EBC Organic Pads FA34,
replaced cam chain tensioner cover gasket

Photos 27,100 9/10/2008 Replaced factor oil filter assembly with custom Spin-on Oil Filter Cooler Adapter (SOFCA).
Photos 27,200 9/27/2008 Replaced all four exhaust gaskets, replaced missing cam chain tensioner oil plug, replaced missing rear fender nut and bolt
Photos 27,300 10/11/2008 Removed exhaust and had shop weld 2 cracks. Bike now runs smoothly again.
Photos 27,600 3/8/2009 Annual maintenance.
Replaced spark plugs with 4 new NGK BP6ES spark plugs.
New oil filter (Fram PH3950) and oil (Mobil 5000 10w40).
Tightened cylinder head bolts.
Adjusted cam chain tension.
Inflated tires.
Adjusted valve shims for correct valve clearance. E1=280, E2=?, E3=?, E4=?, I1=270, I2=?, I3=?, I4=?
Cleaned and re-oiled K&N air filter.
Photos 27,600 4/17/2009 Cleaned carbs with ultrasonic cleaner, replaced float bowl gasket, verified proper float level, tried to balance carbs but failed due to #4 cylinder with no vacuum.
Photos 28,100 6/6/2009 Installed oil cooler and fork brace.
Photos 29,000 7/4/2009 Patched hole in rear tire. Removed and cleaned both petcocks using ultrasonic cleaner and carb cleaning solution. Shortened fuel lines.
Photos 29,100 7/11/2009 Replaced front brake master cylinder (entire reservoir). Replaced front brake lines with stainless steel lines. Added DOT4 brake fluid and bled the lines.
Photos 29,900 3/28/2010 Changed engine oil (10x-40) and oil filter. I love the SOFCA.
Photos 30,000 4/11/2010 New rear tire, Dunlop D404 130/90-16 M/C 67H
Photos 30,300 5/3/2010 Replaced side view mirrors
Replaced missing starter button
Photos 30,300 5/19/2010 Polished alternator cover to a mirror finish (well, pretty darn close to a mirror)
Photos 30,300 5/19/2010 Installed Mac 4 into 2 exhaust system to replace my rusted out exhaust
Photos 30,300 5/23/2010 Replaced my ripped OEM seat cover with an aftermarket Saddlemen seat cover (saddleskins)
Photos 30,700 7/17/2010 Replaced cracked stainless steel brake line
Photos 30,800 4/1/2011 Installed new ignition coils and spark plug wires
Fixed split pickup coil wires
Changed engine oil and oil filter (Mobil 10w-40)
Photos 30,900 4/23/2011 Changed middle and final drive gear oil (Hypoid SAE 85W90 GL-4)
Photos 31,200 5/21/2011 Had shop install new front tire (Dunlop D404F 100/90-19 57H)
Also had shop fix a leaky final drive drain plug
Lastly, had the shop investigate squirrely front end. They loosened stearing bearing nuts. Too early to say if it helped.
Photos 31,600 6/11/2011 Adjusted idle air mixture
Checked carb float level
Readjusted carb sychronization
Replaced cracked vacuum advance line
Photos   7/14/2011 Installed historic plates
Photos 33,000 8/28/2011 Rejetted carbs to match aftermarket exhaust and K and N air filter
Photos 33,100 11/20/2011 Replaced stripped carb air idle mixture screws.
Replaced butterfly shaft seals.
Replaced all carb screws with stainless steel hex bolts.
Photos 33,100 1/1/2012 Replaced leaking fuel stop valve in one of the carbs.
Photos 33,100 3/25/2012 Annual maintenance. Most maintenance was done recently enough that I did not redo it. Here is what I did this time around.
Changed engine oil (10w40) and oil filter (Fram 3950)
Checked brake pads
Lubricated brake pedal, side stand, center stand, and drive shaft joint
Inspected front steering assembly, battery, fuel lines, engine mounts (getting pretty worn), and throttle
Adjusted idle speed
Topped off middle and final gear oil (85W90)
Adjusted cam chain tension
Photos 33,400 5/1/2012 Tried out some LED turn signals. Item 34344 from (12 SMT Tower S25 LED) Turned out not to be bright enough.
Photos 33,400 6/1/2012 Investigated broken left turn signal. Turned out to be fauly thumb switch. Replaced with a new similar unit from Mikes XS.
  34,000 7/7/2012 Bike was running too rich with new aftermarket idle air jets. Was at 2 turns out. Went to 1-1/2 turns out.
Photos 36,300 8/20/2013 Changed engine oil and oil filter.
Installed automatic cam chain tensioner off a Yamaha Raptor 660.
Adjusted valve clearances. Intake = .11-.15. Exhaust .21-.24.
CylinderIntake gapIntake shimExhaust gapExhaust shim
Photos 36,300 8/27/2013 Replaced valve cover gasket.
Replaced front brake pads. Installed EBC organic pads, FA41 and FA61.
Replaced oil filter rubber hose that had a burn hole in it.
Photos 36,600 9/23/2013 Rejetted carbs for higher altitudes. Dropped one size on mains to 110 (original stock size). Dropped two sizes on pilots to 40 (one down from stock).
Photos 37,300 3/21/2014 Repaired cracked fuel line. Installed quick fuel line disconnects. Blocked one outlet on each petcock.
Photos 37,400 5/10/2014 Replaced oil pan. Old one was leaking due to stripped threads. I bead blasted and powder coated the new one prior to installation.
Photos 39,500 7/5/2014 Replaced broken speedometer cable.
Photos 39,600 6/15/2017 Lapped valves
Replaced valve seals with new viton versions.
Adjusted valve clearances
Replaced head gasket and valve cover gasket to address weeping
Replaced cam end plugs which were leaking
Changed engine oil and filter
Installed new tires (Shinko SR712 130/90-16 in the rear, Shinko 712F 100/90-19 front)
Cleaned carbs and cleared blockages from 3 of 4 pilot jets
Replaced float valve in #3 carb so that it stops fuel flow again
Replaced fuel line
Trimmed excess length from ehaust headers going into muffler.
New exhaust gasket
New cam chain tensioner gasket
Photos 40,000 8/24/2017 Replaced spark plug wires while trying to fix ignition related stutter. Didn't help.
Photos 40,000 9/17/2017 Replaced ignition unit to address intermittent loss of power.
Removed now faulty fuel line quick disconnects as they were internally damaged and not allowing enough fuel to flow.
The hesitation and misfiring is now gone. The bike runs great again.
Removed the vacuum and mechanical advance units and lubricated them so they spin easily.
  41,800 6/20/2018 Oil and oil filter changed
Photos 43,200 10/02/2018 Replaced burned out headlight bulb. Installed Sylvania 9003 (H4, 55/60w)
Photos 43,700 06/23/2019 Replaced battery, installed Xtreme AGM battery from Batteries Plus (XTAX24HK-BS)
Replaced fuel shutoff for one carb. Bike still overflows fuel out air filter on rare occasions.
Photos 43,900 09/21/2019 Adjusted carb float level again, replaced one carb float bowl gasket, tightened one carbs fuel shutoff valve.
  44,300 05/22/2020 Engine oil and filter change, Royal Purple 10w-30. Lubed drive shaft. Topped off middle gear oil.
Photos   09/15/2020 Its silly but ever since I bought the bike it had a cracked reflector. Finally after 17 years I got a replacement and installed it.
Photos 45,100 03/07/2021 Replaced failed AGM battery, slightly out of warranty. Installed a Super Start (Oreilly Auto Parts brand) ETX18L AGM battery.
Photos 45,200 04/10/2021 Rebuilt rear brake caliper and installed new pads
Photos 46,100 06/26/2021 Replaced voltage regulator, rectifier. Replaced fried battery and headlight. Installed voltage gauge on handlebars
Photos   10/14/2021 Replaced rear tire, Dunlop D401 130/90B16 73H
Balanced front and rear wheels
Rebuilt both front brake calipers using K&L 32-1605 rebuild kit
New front brake pads, EBC FA41 and FA61
Replaced front brake fluid
    03/25/2022 Cleaned carb and air filter
47,800   06/18/2022 Replacee engine oil and filter; Fram PH3950 and Royal Purple 10w30

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