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 [2021/10/14]   new rear tire, balancing both tires, rebuilding front brake calipers
 [2021/06/26]   new battery, regulator and rectifier, head light, adding voltage gauge
 [2021/04/10]   rebuilding rear brake caliper, new pads 2021
 [2021/03/07]   new battery 2021
 [2020/09/15]   new reflector
 [2020/06/01]   xs11 dot com vbulletin upgrade
 [2019/09/20]   fixing carb fuel overflow, again
 [2019/06/20]   new battery, fuel leak from carb fix attempted
 [2018/10/07]   new headlight bulb
 [2017/09/17]   replaced ignition unit, removed fuel line quick disconnects, lubricated mechanical advance
 [2017/08/22]   replacing spark plug wires
 [2017/04/23]   top end refresh, addressing oil leaks, oil change, valve adjustment, new tires
 [2017/03/24]   finding oil leak near cylinder number 4
 [2014/07/12]   replacing speedometer cable
 [2014/05/18]   replacing oil pan
 [2014/03/22]   quick disconnect fuel lines
 [2013/10/23]   installing dyna coils
 [2013/10/14]   worn coil boots and oil leak
 [2013/09/23]   rejetting for higher altitude
 [2013/08/27]   valve cover gasket, brake pads, oil hose with hole
 [2013/08/20]   automatic cam chain tension
 [2012/06/06]   replacing turn signal switch
 [2012/04/30]   trying LED turn signals
 [2012/03/27]   annual maintenance
 [2012/03/19]   investigating bad idle due to stuck butterfly valve
 [2012/01/04]   replacing leaky carb fuel stop
 [2011/11/19]   replace stripped idle air adjustment screws and butterfly seals
 [2011/08/29]   carb rejet
 [2011/07/14]   historic plates
 [2011/06/14]   drilling out idle air mixture caps and readjusting carb balance
 [2011/05/22]   new front tire and final drive drain plug
 [2011/04/23]   2011 gear oil
 [2011/04/09]   new ignition coils, changed oil, repaired pickup coil wires
 [2010/10/15]   kickstand rubber
 [2010/10/01]   troubleshooting bad hesitation
 [2010/07/25]   cracked brake line
 [2010/05/22]   seat cover
 [2010/05/16]   mac 4 into 2 exhaust
 [2010/05/14]   polishing alternator cover
 [2010/05/08]   side view mirrors and starter button
 [2010/04/11]   new rear tire
 [2010/03/28]   10 annual maintenance
 [2009/07/11]   front master cylinder and stainless steel brake lines
 [2009/07/04]   patching hole in rear tire and cleaning petcocks
 [2009/06/06]   oil cooler and fork brace
 [2009/04/27]   backrest luggage rack
 [2009/04/03]   cleaning and balancing carbs
 [2009/03/08]   09 annual maintenance
 [2008/12/27]   new helmet - Nolan N102 Outlaw
 [2008/10/11]   repairing split exhaust pipe
 [2008/09/27]   exhaust gastkets and other misc stuff
 [2008/09/10]   oil filter adapter for oil cooler - SOFCA
 [2008/08/30]   cam chain, rear brakes
 [2008/08/04]   added power outlet
 [2007/03/13]   annual maintenance 2007
 [2006/08/23]   new battery and whole motorcycle pictures
 [2006/04/28]   general
 [2006/03/11]   new front tire
 [2006/03/08]   backfiring
 [2006/03/07]   rattling
 [2006/03/05]   new carb boots
 [2006/02/19]   front brake pads
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