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 [2022/03/29]   fixing rear glass popping open
 [2022/02/20]   new wiper blades
 [2022/01/16]   test drive with papa, standing next to sonett
 [2022/01/11]   leaking clutch slave, new rear hatch weather strip, aligning shifter
 [2021/11/30]   replaced air filter, edelbrock pro-flo 1002
 [2021/11/20]   fixing ripped boot on left axle
 [2021/11/12]   speedhut coolant temp gauge
 [2021/06/06]   receiving diaphragm clutch
 [2021/06/06]   rebuilding motor to eliminate ticking from cylinder 3
 [2021/01/04]   horrendous water leak from rear window seal
 [2021/01/01]   more engine ticking investigation
 [2020/12/12]   new rocker arms, pushrods, shorter v-belt
 [2020/11/27]   size comparison with Tesla and Mini
 [2020/10/03]   engine ticking sound solved I think
 [2020/09/28]   new v belt and alternator pulley
 [2020/08/21]   still chasing ticking sound from heads
 [2020/08/19]   adding union to MSS exhaust
 [2020/07/30]   investigating slow fill of gas tank
 [2020/07/10]   reinstalling engine, replacing coolant lines, new clutch pedal hardware
 [2020/07/03]   making spacers for clutch pressure plate
 [2020/02/28]   3rd clutch pressure plate
 [2019/12/29]   adding fan indicator and moving choke to new panel where AC controls had been, replacing defroster hose
 [2019/12/21]   alignment
 [2019/12/10]   new struts for rear window
 [2019/12/07]   reworking dash, aftermarket gauges, and switches
 [2019/11/03]   Fixing dragging clutch with new pressure plate
 [2019/10/20]   replacing ripped defroster vent hose
 [2019/09/27]   new clutch master and slave
 [2019/08/07]   fixing bent throttle linkage, fixing coolant temp gauge, freshening up gauge cluster, new oil pressure sensor
 [2019/03/10]   making booster seat
 [2019/02/22]   fixing stuck valve, new oil pump and gaskets
 [2019/02/09]   no compression on cylinder 4
 [2019/02/09]   Installing Pertronix III
 [2019/01/03]   first start after rebuild
 [2019/01/02]   new optima red top
 [2018/12/08]   finished removing AC
 [2018/12/05]   fixed heater controls, removed radio, constructed cubby to fill hole, installed new RCA cable for bluetooth to amp
 [2018/11/30]   2018 oil change
 [2018/11/18]   replaced hood opening rubber seal
 [2018/11/18]   adding manual choke cable
 [2018/11/07]   new walmart battery
 [2018/11/02]   SLC Free 2 wideband oxygen sensor
 [2018/10/07]   assembling rebuilt engine
 [2018/09/29]   camshaft question
 [2018/08/19]   engine back from machine shop (Ridge Reamer)
 [2018/08/19]   assembling heads, more machine work
 [2018/04/20]   recovering seats
 [2018/03/18]   electric cooling fan
 [2018/02/11]   front cover fan delete and welding rust repair
 [2018/01/26]   Weber Carb Reference and Tuning
 [2018/01/26]   rebuilding front brakes
 [2018/01/26]   painting engine
 [2018/01/26]   new control arm bushings, powder coating suspension stuff, removing rock chip and addressing rust in engine bay, wheel wells, and rocker panels
 [2018/01/26]   MSS engine upgrades
 [2017/10/15]   removing AC
 [2017/09/17]   broken balance shaft gear, stripping engine
 [2017/05/07]   magnetic wireless phone charger
 [2017/01/30]   right ripped steering boot, tie rod end, and upper ball joint
 [2016/12/16]   Spare cam shaft
 [2016/09/11]   refinishing left axle
 [2016/08/02]   addressing rattle from old speaker, getting sunroof to open completely, tighten side view mirrors, replace turn signal
 [2016/07/05]   refinishing wheels and mounting snow tires
 [2016/06/09]   appling disc brake quiet
 [2016/04/24]   bent drivers door hinge
 [2016/03/13]   refinishing kick plate
 [2016/02/06]   1971 parts sonett
 [2016/01/25]   MSS exhaust
 [2016/01/25]   general maint
 [2015/12/12]   finding battery drain
 [2015/12/07]   new oil pressure sender install
 [2015/08/19]   re-cored radiator with 3 row core, new water pump
 [2015/08/19]   fixing broken head light wires, replacing fuse box, new high output alternator
 [2015/07/19]   oil filler cap
 [2015/05/17]   speedhut guages and oil pressure switch
 [2015/03/27]   securing subwoofer, oil filter change
 [2015/03/08]   volume knob, fuel filter, and glove box
 [2015/01/03]   stereo 2.0
 [2015/01/03]   refreshing front right axle, seals, bearings, etc
 [2015/01/03]   new headlight switch
 [2014/10/02]   rewiring aux lights
 [2014/09/15]   speaker install
 [2014/08/30]   wiper blade, fuel line, heater hose, AC blower, cabin light, side view mirror
 [2014/08/30]   installing car stereo amplifier
 [2014/08/18]   reassembling sonett - flywheel machines, pressure plate rerivited, new bolts, clutch master cleaned
 [2014/08/18]   new transmission mount, addressing rust around engine and under body
 [2014/05/27]   troubleshooting wonky clutch
 [2014/03/22]   new battery terminals, removing ignition switch
 [2014/03/15]   adjusting valves, powder coating valve covers, new front shocks
 [2014/02/08]   Installing replacement brake light switch
 [2014/01/18]   replacing spark plug wires
 [2014/01/12]   installing electric fuel pump
 [2013/12/15]   replacing thermostat, addressing rust under shifter, checking out fuel filter
 [2013/11/17]   troubleshooting mid throttle miss - plugs, carb, fuel
 [2013/11/09]   installing rebuilt transmission, first drive
 [2013/11/02]   receiving rebuilt sonett transmission
 [2013/09/23]   pulling transmission, again
 [2013/04/20]   replaced flexible brake lines
 [2013/04/20]   installing stainless steel hard brake lines and fabricating pedal bracket
 [2013/04/11]   replacing transmission
 [2013/04/06]   pulling hard brake lines
 [2013/03/23]   patching exhaust crossover pipe, painting engine bay parts
 [2013/03/23]   installing rebuilt clutch master cylinder and brake master cylinder
 [2013/03/17]   removing clutch master cylinder, brake master cylinder, and fabricating new pedal mount
 [2013/03/15]   received new to me transmission
 [2013/03/03]   re-replacing starter
 [2013/02/02]   troubleshooting stuck pedals
 [2013/02/02]   removing mildew round 2
 [2013/01/18]   replacing starter and battery
 [2013/01/18]   first look and towing home
 [2013/01/18]   changing engine and transmission oil
 [2013/01/13]   removing mildew
 [2012/12/16]   sonett first viewing
 [2012/12/11]   from prior owner
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