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 [2023/03/06]   Sale pictures
 [2023/01/28]   Fixing lower intake manifold coolant leak
 [2023/01/21]   New Battery 2023
 [2022/10/20]   Replace o2 sensors, ignition key tumbler
 [2022/10/20]   New coolant T and radiator cap
 [2022/10/01]   Tune up - plugs, coil, wires, clean fuel injectors
 [2022/08/01]   Proactively Replaced Thermostat
 [2022/05/21]   Making Rear Drivers Side Door Easier To Open
 [2022/02/23]   LED Headlights
 [2021/06/09]   New Front Prop Shaft, Diff Oil Changes, Brakes, O2 Sensor
 [2021/04/03]   New Leather Gaitors for Brake and Transfer Case
 [2021/04/03]   New Crank Seal and Oil Pan Gasket
 [2021/02/07]   Sanded, Buffed, Clear-Coated Headlights
 [2020/08/01]   Adapter for Steering Wheel Controls and Head Unit
 [2020/07/16]   New Battery 2020
 [2020/03/14]   New Water Pump
 [2019/12/26]   Fixing Leaking Fuel Line
 [2019/10/03]   Fixing Leaking Inake Manifold Heater, New Front Left O2 Sensor (again), USB and 3.5 mm Jack
 [2019/09/15]   Replaced All O2 Sensors, Fixed Dash, Replaced Fuel Door Clip
 [2019/09/14]   New Head Unit, Backup Camera
 [2019/05/04]   Replaced Exhaust Air Pump
 [2019/02/10]   Oil Change Jan 2019
 [2019/02/09]   Topping Off Transmission Fluid
 [2019/02/09]   Repairing Fuel Door Clip and Sun Visor Clip
 [2019/02/09]   Installing Side Steps
 [2019/01/14]   Troubleshooting Dome Lights
 [2019/01/02]   New Battery
 [2018/11/29]   From prior owner
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