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 [2023/05/05]   Sealing Windshield to Fix Water Leak
 [2023/01/22]   New Battery 2023
 [2022/05/29]   New Rear Brakes 2022
 [2022/05/08]   Diagnosing Roof Water Leak
 [2021/11/25]   Fixing roof damage from garage impact, painting hood
 [2021/02/05]   Replacing Dash With Body Color Painted Unit
 [2020/05/09]   Transmission Oil Leak
 [2020/03/14]   Preemptively replacing left ball joints
 [2019/12/31]   Replacing Broken Left Tie Rod End
 [2019/07/05]   New Summer Wheels and Tires, Weatherseal on Passenger Door
 [2019/05/03]   New Brakes, New Brake Fluid, Oil Change
 [2019/02/09]   Replaced Primary Battery
 [2019/02/09]   Headphone Amplifier For Kids
 [2018/12/14]   Snow Tires and Wheels
 [2018/11/30]   Reducing Bumper Squeak
 [2018/08/18]   Replacing Rear View Camera
 [2018/05/28]   Replacing wood panels in van
 [2018/05/18]   Brake light switch
 [2018/04/29]   New main battery
 [2018/03/20]   Replacing other three ball joints and tie rod ends
 [2018/03/16]   Dual battery setup
 [2018/02/24]   Replacing Broken Lower Right Ball Joint
 [2017/07/16]   Fixing Lower Door Molding, Fixing Blinds, Removing Broken Rear Door Cubby Hole, Replaced Lighting Button Light Strip
 [2017/06/27]   LED Headlights
 [2017/06/21]   Polishing Headlights, Fixing Interior Door Pull, Replacing 60-40 Door Hinge Pin
 [2016/12/16]   Wireless Headphones and new Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 3
 [2016/12/16]   Replacing Right Rear ABS Sensor
 [2016/11/19]   Installed Diode On Steering Wheel Controls
 [2016/10/29]   Whole van shots
 [2016/09/24]   Replacing Front Wheel Hubs with Bearings and ABS Sensors
 [2016/09/20]   2016 oil change
 [2016/06/30]   Removing sat dish and troubleshooting alternator whine from TV
 [2016/06/09]   Transmission Oil Cooler
 [2016/04/24]   Trailer Hitch
 [2016/04/24]   New Tires
 [2016/04/02]   Upper and Lower Control Arms, Tie Rod Ends
 [2016/04/02]   Fixing HVAC Controls That Won't Light Up
 [2016/03/30]   Replacing TV Amp, Adding USB and 12v Outlets
 [2016/03/13]   Reattaching Door Ding Strip
 [2016/03/13]   Investigating Suspension Issues, Installing New Recline Switch on Seat
 [2015/12/12]   Preparing Bench Seat for Baby Seats
 [2015/12/12]   2015 Oil Change
 [2015/12/07]   Installing Raspberry Pi
 [2015/12/07]   Android Head Unit Install
 [2015/11/24]   New Battery
 [2015/11/24]   Installing New Head Unit
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