xs1100 - replacing leaky carb fuel stop

Here's a picture. I had removed teh carbs, drilled out and replaced the air idle mixture screws, cleaned the heck out of the carbs, and reinstalled them. Now once everything is back in place I turn on the fuel flow and sure enough, fuel starts runing out of the air box. I narrowed it down to just one carb. 

Ok so I pull everything back out again. The only silver lining to the story is that during the reassembly I had replaced all the fasteners with new high grade stainless steel alan bolts which were extremely easy to remove.

It looks like the rubber head on the fuel stopper was loose. It would move around freely when touched. I ordered a carb rebuild kit from as it contained a new stopper along with the throat assembly and o-ring.

Once it arrived I was surprised to see that this kit also comes with jets and the air idle mixture screw. Not only that, the mixture screw included in this kit is a far better (though not perfect) match to the stock screw than was either model I got from MikesXS. Yet again MikesXS frustrates me. I didn't install the PartsNMore idle mixture screw because I only had one of them. I had already installed 4 matching screws from MikesXS. 

Before putting the carbs back on the bike I checked the float level on the bench, including running gas into the bowl and checking the level with a tube up the side of the carb. After a few iterations the float level was within spec and the carbs went back onto the bike.

I was able to start the bike and verify that it had a healthy idle. Unfortunately it was also 25 degrees with snow flurries so I didnt drive anywhere. Hopefully I get a slightly warmer winter day sometime soon so I can take it for a spin.


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kit from PartsNMore, superior to MikesXS kit
fuel valve throat, new on left, old on right

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