sonett - removing mildew round 2

The first mildw cleaner I tried worked ok. The mildew did come back however. I think I just didn't get all the moisture out of the vehicle, then we had some warm days and voila, the mildew was back, though not nearly as bad as before. This time I picked up mildew cleaner from West Marine, Star brite. This stuff is supposed to dissolve mildew on contact and is used on canvas and fiberglass. You are advised not to let the stuff sit on metal for too long.

I used it first on the seats. It does indeed disolve mildew very quickly. After about a minute it had done as much work as it was going to. I let it sit for 15 minutes but the other 14 were unecessary. I wiped the excess off, then washed the seats with a mild simple green solution.

I then turned my attention to the floorpan. Most of the car was still in good shape from my prior cleaning but I never actually cleaned the floor. I just used the simple green solution right from the start and did not use  Starbrite as it was not designed for use on metal.

I scrubed all the surfaces and corners I could get to, then I dried them with a towel. The floor still looks pretty good. The anti corrosion coating saab applied has held up pretty well. There are some areas that are rougher than others. the area by the peddals is pretty bad. More on that later.

I hope this is the end of th mildew in the car. I have moved the seats inside my house to help with the drying. They are sitting in front of my fireplace, with a lamp shining on them 24x7. That should make it much harder for mildew to grew whiel they finish drying out.


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