The House

blue_mountain - A look into attic above great room

We wanted to install some new can lights in the kithen ceiling. This meant I would need to get into the attic above the great room. There is no good way to get over there. I opted to go into the garage attic, cut a hole in the ceiling of that attic in order to gain access to the great room attic it butts up against.

Now I can easily get into the attic above the great room.

Now for the bad news. Besides the 2 feet of insulation I knew I would find, I also found that every single AC line runs right over the kitchen. The lines are just run loose and lay on the insulation, which lays on top of the beams. There is no way I can move the AC ducts to move the insulation to find the electrical wires to find existing light fixtures.

So I aborted installing lights, at least for today.


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I am in the garage attic looking towards the house
new access hole cut
right over the kitchet
would be much better if there was one main supply duct that was raised

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